Monday, 16 December 2013

Only 9 days to go....

That's right, only nine days till the big day, and am I ready...noooooooooooooo...not at all, I have an order for a exploding box that needs to be completed tonight, made the box and covered it but still got to do the "exploding bit" also haven't made any more Christmas cards except the ones left over from the various craft fairs, going to busy tonight.

You may ask if she is so busy why is she writing on her blog??? Well I'm sat in the kitchen waiting for my dinner, really having a gourmet meal tonight... cheese on toast! Not my normal Monday night meal but had a big meal at lunchtime, went out for work Christmas lunch, it was Ok (ish) but nice to get together with everyone outside work. Another reason I'm writing my blog when I should be crafting is I'm trying to not just limit myself to writing once a week on WOYWW.

Anyway on with the crafting, nothing very exciting but here are a couple of cards I made a few weeks ago using my Gelli plate and stencils

Gelli background made with a leaf stencil and bubble wrap

The distress ink background on this one has the image added using the stencil the good old way - by just inking through

The Gelli background on this one is just made using screwed up paper, reminds me of water ripples (must try it in blue and use my fish stamps)
That's all for today, must get on with my exploding box (I'll remember to take photos this time) and also need to do some "quick" Christmas cards, however, mine are never quick so it may be a late night!

Donna x

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  1. Gorgeous as always Donna! I think we both need to be a bit more organised next year - I haven't made my Christmas cards yet! xx