Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Whats on Your Workdesk? Wednesday #240

Normal service has resumed...I would like to say I did loads of crafting over the Christmas holidays (I had nearly 2 weeks off) but I didn't do any, unless you count trying out my lovely new Pebeo gilding wax on my Jack Daniels bottle whilst sat in bed on Christmas morning. Both items were a pressie from hubby (why else would a bottle of Jack Daniels be upstairs?), I say both, but I actually received all 3 colours of the gilding wax, I was only expecting just one (aren't I the lucky girl?) also had the new underwater Sheena stamps (they are in the photo of my desk - as yet still unopened - told you I hadn't done any crafting). Anyway this is last nights desk as I don't have time in the morning to take photos as back to work already...

....and a closer look:

As you can see I also had some had some Lavinia stamps for Christmas form my mom, love these stamps so ordered a few more, hopefully they will be arriving this week. Here are a few close ups:

You can just about see the sparkly bit on this photo

This one isn't quite finished yet, just waiting for the other stamps to arrive so I can add a bit more sparkle.

The other card is actually one of my caught in crystal cards, I loved it so much that I didn't add anything else, just left it as a piece of modern art

and a close up, you can see the gold flakes, this would make a nice background for my new underwater stamps, hmmm...that's a thought...
That's all for now, off to Julias blog to look at all the other desks

Donna x


  1. Wonderful! What a charming stamp - will have to look for this brand as I haven't heard of it before :) Your crystal card is stunning!
    Kelly #97

  2. what great art work the stamps are fab especially loving that tree and I love your backgrounds stunning as for the modern art it would work great with the underwater stamps but looks perfect as it is ..i got the same ones and also still in the packet ! plenty of time to play in the coming year i hope sound like you got some great pressies hope you get the opportunity to enjoy them have a great week ahead crafty hugs Andrea #19

  3. lovely cards, love the sparkly bits :) Lx

  4. I love the fact that you tried out your gilding wax in bed on Christmas morning. You'll love it, it's gorgeous stuff and goes on for ever. Love the colours of your caught in crystal card. You'll have to use them again with those Sheena stamps, they'll work so well with it. Have fun.
    Hugs Lisax #17

  5. Those new stamps are just fabulous! But I ADORE that "caught in crystal" art work! I'm sure I've heard of the technique before but I just can't remember how it's done?
    By the way, those Shiva Paintstiks are called Markal Paintstiks in the UK.
    Thanks for dropping by and have a good week,
    RosA # 29

  6. great looking desk and those stamps are awesome! Love the colors on the crystal card. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #104

  7. wow, fab cards - you certainly got some great gifts! your caught in crystal card is so beautiful. Helen 100

  8. Hi Donna
    you are going to have so much fun with Sheena's under water stamps your caught in crystal and the pebeo gilding wax, I am on her DT and it was great getting to play with those for the samples for the shows. I really love the colours you have used in your caught in crystal pieces
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  9. Gorgeous as always, love the Lavinia stamps! lol xx

  10. Hi Donna, those are awesome cards. Love the caught in crystal- works beautifully as it is. Lol at the JD in bed- what an ace idea! Very taken with your Lavinia cards- lovely ideas. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #93 xx

  11. Happy Belated WOYWW. Beautiful stamping. I love the owl in the tree. Ali x. #15

  12. Beautiful cards and stamping.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

  13. What beautiful cards. Lavinia stamps are so brilliant, I just seem to be rubbish at stamping even with Lavinia.
    Chris #22

  14. I love the alcohol ink work. I have only really tried them once so far, at a Barbara Gray workshop, but I intend to have another go while I can remember what to do. Your scenes are lovely, just enough colour work to show off the stamps. Have a good week, with your JD if there is any left now. xx Maggie #24

  15. Lovely work with Inks, they blend and swirl so beautifully! :)